Tohono O'odham Nation's Planning Process

The Nation has organized several teams to assist in determining the feasibility of assuming all or part of the operations currently provided by IHS. Each team is described below:

Self-Governance Steering Committee

The Steering Committee meets monthly and provides oversight for all project tasks. The Steering Committee monitors each team's progress on assignments through monthly reports and communication with team leaders. The Steering Committee structure ensures completion of required actions for moving forward throughout the planning phase. The Steering Committee consists of members from tribal leadership, department directors, and staff.

The Nation's Teams

The team structure is designed to allow specific departments and employees of the Nation to participate thoroughly in the process of determining the feasibility of assuming IHS operations. Teams are led by department directors, and they contain employees with relevant expertise for each team's subject matter area. Teams have been created for the following subject areas:

    Public Safety
    Facilities, Planning & Economic Development
    Information Technology
    Health Services
    Human Resources

Each team is responsible for the following tasks:

    Reviewing financial information related to the potential assumption of programs, services, functions and activities (PSFAs) currently operated by the IHS.
    Reviewing and making recommendations on assumption of IHS programs, including resources needed for staffing, equipment and operations.
    Coordinating and making recommendations on the needed structures for a smooth transition of IHS programs to the Tohono O'odham Nation.
    Meeting on a regular basis and submitting monthly reports to the Steering Committee each month.

Tribal leadership is committed to sharing information throughout this process. Should you have any questions or comments about Self-Governance or the Nation's plans, please complete the following form. Your questions will receive a response, and comments and input are welcomed. You may remain anonymous if you wish to do so.

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